We are Token Science DPT Electronics

  • 20 % Profit investment innovation
  • 7.2 billion Three years of rapid growth
  • 10 years become World-class service providers
DPT Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in April 18, 2014 as a subsidiary of the listed company of "Token Science Technology" of the listed company. The main products are LCM module, TP+LCM fully lamination, PCBA/FPCA processing. The company is a young, beautiful, efficient, modern innovative enterprises, will be carrying task of Token Group to develop the touch display integration industry, as a Token Group touch display integration starting point, Token Touch Display Group in the future lay the foundation of career development. DPT Electronics will devote much attention to automation, frontiers, research and development, and high-end manufacturing, etc. it will make DPT special electronics become a world-class supplier of enterprise services. For details
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