Welcome to A Yummy "YES" to Life!

You are about to take the first step toward your success and achievement journey. One of the key essentials for success is to keep things very simple.

By applying the powerful principles you'll learn in this book, I have been able to change my life from tragedies to victorious and triumphant wins!

As you begin your success journey, you will read the weekly quote and ask yourself these basic questions:

    * Why am I applying this in my life?
    * What are the steps I’m going to take with this quote?
    * How am I going to apply these basic steps in my day?
    * How do I know I have accomplished my goals?

You may be saying to yourself, “This seems like a lot of work.” That’s OK. In the beginning, I thought the same thing. But just like the rock gives way to the drop of water, not by the strength of the water, but by its persistence, this small daily discipline will cause compounding positive shifts that will surprise you, and perhaps your toughest critics, as well.

I invite you to say A Yummy "YES" to Life! Only then you'll realize that in the widest sense of the word, anything is truly possible!

Yes and Yes! I look forward to your success!
Jessina DeMarco


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